History - Esp Promotions

In about 1990 things stepped up a gear and I started Djing more and after another 2 holidays in Tenerife it was time for Murray to venture into putting a night on himself. We had met a guy called Craig Campbell whilst in Tenerife who funnily enough had just been on blind date but more importantly was also from Northampton. 

Craig had been doing some small partys at the Roadmender in Northampton town center which we had visited and loved, and Murray thought that he could help Craig out with making ESP bigger and better.

It was round about this time that Murray found Millwaukees. A small club on the outskirts of a village called souldrop [classic] in the Bedfordshire countryside about 5 miles from Rushden. Not only was this venue perfect because of the location but it enabled Murray to negotiate a regular night which would turn out to be the turning point in my career.

Id always play the early sets and then check out what the other jocks were spinnin. Residents here included myself, Dougal, Mastersafe and Swanee.


A low ceiling, hot and sweaty, with the most incredible Cerwin Vega sound system and unbelievable atmosphere. There was always a core of weekly followers who would turn up with whistles and air horns and make the most deaffening noise everytime you dropped a tune. Because the Dj box was only about a foot off the ground you felt as though you were actually in the crowd. Quite often someone would just come and sit next to your deck and egg the crowd on even more! 

Probably my most favourite place to play as it is where I broke my cherry, playing out to a mad for it crowd and where through cunning and guile and sneaky tactics i managed to go from playing the warm up slots to playing later and later in the night and getting my own following.

Guests in those days were the likes of Carl Cox, Jumping Jack frost Frankie Valentine and Grooverider to name but a few. The music evolved.... we got more breaks, more techno a bit less house, but the atmosphere remained the same.

I can honestly say the ESP crowds back then were the most amazing I have ever experienced. Every tune new or familiar received the same raucous reception, we had the most outrageous Cerwin Vega Sound System, which was so loud when the bass kicked in on those Warp tunes you could feel your chest vibrate. It was hot, sweaty, and incredibly tribal. I made so many friends at that club, many of which I still see regularly, It truly was a time we all never will forget.

The memories of this place will always live on for those of us who experienced it, from after party sessions back in Northampton or Milton Keynes or indeed in the car park till the Police told us to f'''k off......to going out the following night giving out fliers with Murray and then onto Sunday nights in Northampton Town drinking beer and talking shit till 2 am. WOW what a time, how did we survive?