AREA81LP - Darkbreed -Second Wave 

Once again label boss and 30 techno year techno/hardcore dj delivers the business in this uncompromising album of 10 techno bangers. Bowing down to no-one, taking influences from all sources, mashing them with a bong fuelled series of studio sessions during the bullshit lockdown fiasco of 2020. This deeply thought out and precisely executed peace of dance music will take no prisoners and order you to move your feet, jiggle your ass or nod your head in agreement to another masterful execution.


"The faster and harder attitudes of the tracks at 150bpm I guess show where my head is at at a certain place in time" - Clarkee 

Each track [320kbps mp3] is available to buy @ 1.29 Euros
All tracks [320kbps mp3] can be purchased together for 9.00 euros

Limited edition hand numbered and signed cds available for 8 Euros inc shipping to Europe

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